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English Language Editing

Who are Taylor & Francis Editing Services editors?

Taylor & Francis Editing Services editors are Ph.D. candidates and researchers from the top research universities. They are all native English speakers and must meet our rigorous selection process.

What’s the difference between “Basic” and “Advanced” English Language Editing?

Basic English Language Editing includes correction of any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word usage errors. We will not improve the style or flow of your work (this is included in our Advanced English Language Editing service).

Advanced English Language Editing includes correction of any spelling, grammar, word usage, and punctuation errors. We will also improve sentences that sound awkward or unnatural and provide an editing summary that provides some examples of the changes that we made.

What is the Taylor & Francis Editing Certificate?

Taylor & Francis Editing Services will provide a certificate confirming that your paper was edited by a native English speaker at Taylor & Francis Editing Services and, assuming all of the changes we proposed are incorporated into the manuscript, is ready for journal submission. The certificate will allow journal editors to feel confident that the English language in your paper has been reviewed and verified.

What is the Taylor & Francis Editing Services guarantee?

We are confident that our services (English Language Editing, Translation, Manuscript Formatting, and Figure Preparation) will improve the quality of your work. We cannot guarantee acceptance of your paper. However, if your paper is rejected for English-language reasons, and no changes have been made since our edit, we will re-edit it for free.


What is the difference between the translation offered by Taylor & Francis Editing Services and standard translators?

Our Translation service provides assistance to researchers who are more comfortable writing in a language other than English. Each manuscript is assigned by area of study to ensure accurately translated field-specific terms. When your paper is returned to you, it will be indistinguishable from papers written by researchers who are native English speakers.

What languages can be translated by Taylor & Francis Editing Services?

We offer translation services from Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish into English, alongside translation from English into Chinese, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Do you translate from English into my language?

We can translate manuscripts from English to Chinese, Portuguese, or Spanish. Please email us and we will be glad to assist you.

What is the Taylor & Francis Editing Services guarantee?

We are confident that our services (English Language Editing, Translation, Manuscript Formatting, and Figure Preparation) will improve the quality of your work. We cannot guarantee acceptance of your paper. However, if your paper is rejected for English-language reasons, and no changes have been made since our edit, we will re-edit it for free.

Manuscript Formatting

What does Taylor & Francis Editing Services’ Manuscript Formatting service include?

Our formatters check each manuscript against your style guide and adjust the citations, references, and layout of the document to match the requirements. All figures and tables are moved to the correct location in your manuscript, and titles and legends are standardized, to match the requirements provided.

What is the difference between Manuscript Formatting and English Language Editing?

Our English Language Editing services improve the grammar, phrasing, and word choice in your manuscript, whereas our Manuscript Formatting service does not check language. Instead, our Manuscript Formatting service ensures that your manuscript matches journal guidelines with respect to layout, citations, and references.

My manuscript contains tables. Do I need to order Figure Preparation?

Yes, if you would like assistance formatting tables, please use our Figure Preparation services. Journals require that tables be submitted in a text format (usually Microsoft Word). If you would like help formatting your tables according to journal guidelines, please provide Excel or Word-editable files containing your tables. Also, if you would like tables formatted and exported as images for use in presentations and posters, we can do this as part of our Figure Preparation service.

Can you format equations in my manuscript?

No, unfortunately we cannot format equations at this time.

Why does my formatted manuscript look different than papers published in my target journal?

We format manuscripts according to the journal's guidelines for submission. Once a paper is accepted, the journal may perform copyediting and typesetting of the formatted paper to get it ready for publication.

Figure Preparation

What does Taylor & Francis Editing Services’ Figure Preparation service include?

We will prepare your figures to meet the requirements of your submission guidelines. They will be sent to you set to the correct size, resolution, and layout.

What file types do you accept?

We are currently able to process the following file types:

If your file type is not on this list, you can export it as an EPS file and send it to us. We will then advise you on the best way to export your figures into one of our recommended file types.

How will I review my formatted figures when they are returned in a new file type?

Alongside the submission-ready file (often an EPS file), we will also send PDF versions of your new figures for you to review.

Can you format images?

If you included an image within a figure, you will need to send this separately as the highest possible resolution file. We are unable to make changes to brightness, contrast, or color balance, and we do not crop images.

Can I edit my figure after it has been formatted?

We strongly recommend that you send the final version of your figures to us for formatting, because you may not have access to the appropriate software to make changes to your figures once they are in their new file format. We are confident our figures are of the highest quality, but if a figure does not meet your expectations, we will work with you to correct the issue.

Submission Process

Is your website safe?

We use the most up-to-date website security features available. We also require that all of our staff members sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your research.

How do I get the most accurate word count?

To calculate the word count, you should open a copy of your manuscript and delete any parts that you do not need us to work on. In a letter to your reviewers, you can take out all of the reviewers’ comments. If you submit for English Language Editing only or have a Translation submission but don’t need your references translated, then you can remove the bibliography section. You can also take out any numeric table data. Next, perform a word count on the remaining text using the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word on every file you plan to submit to us, and add it all together. This is your final word count. Our support staff can perform a word count for you if you email us your files and ask for confirmation.

Do you include references and tables in the word count?

We do not edit references or numeric tables, so they are not included in the word count when calculating your price for English Language Editing services. However, word counts for Translation submissions should include all text that needs to be translated, which typically does include references and text in tables.

Are weekends and holidays included in the turnaround time?

Weekends and holidays are not included in our deadlines. Taylor & Francis Editing Services is closed for U.S. holidays eight days of the year, and deadlines are delayed for these days: January 1, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the day after Christmas. (For more information about the date of each holiday, please email us.) You will see an announcement in your Taylor & Francis Editing Services account if there are any upcoming holiday delays.

What happens if I enter the wrong word count?

Our staff members will verify each paper’s word count before it is assigned to an editor. If we find that your file’s word count is over the category you selected, then we will place your submission on hold while we email you for further instructions. Your deadline will be reset to begin at the exact time of your reply. If your paper is shorter than indicated, we will refund the price difference to your Taylor & Francis Editing Services account.

What if I don’t want you to work on my entire paper?

You will need to highlight the sections that you want us to ignore; you will be prompted to include some instructions about this when you upload your file through your Taylor & Francis Editing Services account.

Prices & Payments

Do I have to wait for a price quote?

No. At Taylor & Francis Editing Services, we set our prices in advance based on the service you choose, your total word count, and how quickly you need your submission returned to you. Our online price calculator will show you the cost of all of our services based on the specifics of your manuscript. You are not required to submit your manuscript for a price quote, but if your institution requires a pro forma invoice, you can contact us and we would be happy to provide one for you.

How do I pay by wire transfer?

Please select purchase order as your payment method when you submit your manuscript. The invoice that will be available for you to download from your account dashboard will contain all of the banking information you will need to send us your payment. Purchase order payments are due within 30 days of your order.

Which currencies and credit/debit cards do you accept?

We currently accept the following currencies and credit/debit cards:

What information will appear on my invoice?

In addition to the services purchased, your invoice will contain the billing address you enter when you submit your order, the order date, your manuscript name, and receipt code. Our support team can customize your invoice for you if you need to add any additional information.

Do you provide invoices in my local currency?

Invoices display the final price in USD by default, but our support team can update your invoice with any currency you prefer.

Do you provide signed invoices or vendor forms?

Our billing department would be happy to provide you with any signatures or paperwork that you need to process your payment. Please email our support team with your requirements and we will assist you.

Do you provide Chinese Fapiao?

If you need Chinese Fapiao (发票), please be sure to select our Alipay (支付宝) Fapiao payment option and input the required information. Our business partner CIBTC will import the service and provide a Chinese Fapiao for you. There will be a fee of 8% on top of your purchase order to cover the government tax and additional service. CIBTC will mail the Chinese Fapiao to you within two weeks of your order confirmation. Please note that if you choose to pay by a credit card, purchase order, or PayPal, we cannot issue a Chinese Fapiao. Instead, you will receive a non-taxed receipt (收据) or bill (账单) from Taylor & Francis Editing Services.