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Showcase your research highlights to a wider audience with an attention-grabbing, bite-sized video story
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Why choose a video highlight?

Video Highlights
Delivery in 9 business days
A templated 60-second video highlight created using stock-footage and captions. The bite-sized video format encourages social sharing and helps drive readers to your published work
  • With millions of scientific manuscripts published each year, a video highlight can help you promote your journal article and stand out from the crowd by capturing the attention of your audience and encouraging engagement with your research findings.
  • Ideal for lay audiences, offering an easy to understand and accessible way to share key research highlights and drive interest in your journal article.
  • Perfect for sharing across multiple channels to promote your research and engage online audiences, encouraging conversations about your research.
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What to expect

  • A professionally produced video highlight, created using carefully selected stock footage and captioned with a professionally written script, summarising your key research findings
  • Includes a reference to your peer-reviewed, published research article
  • Delivered in WMV and MP4 formats
  • Suggested social media copy and hashtags to help engage new online audiences, delivered in Microsoft Word format
  • Access to T&F Author Services best practice guide to sharing your research
  • Delivery in 9 business days

How it works


Step 1

You can place your order at any stage after your journal article has been accepted or published.

Step 2

Select a service, securely upload your article, and complete the author questionnaire.

Step 3

Our team will study your article and any supporting material and prepare a first draft.

Step 4

You complete the payment for the order, review the draft, and our designers use your feedback to complete your order.

Step 5

Our team will incorporate the feedback and share the final deliverable file.

Frequently asked questions

What do you need from me to create a video highlight?

As well as your published journal article, our team will find the below inputs useful:

  • Original, high-resolution image files, if available
  • Any supplementary tables and figures
  • Any supporting material such as presentations, posters, and relevant previous papers
  • A completed author questionnaire outlining your intended audience, motivation for undertaking the research, and any key takeaways, findings, or implications that you would like us to highlight. We accept most compatible file types. The file size is limited to 100 MB.

Who will design my video highlight?

  • Our experienced team of scriptwriters and video production editors will work with you to turn your article into a visually engaging video highlight.
  • We create professionally produced videos and use simplified text to convey the core findings and inferences of your research, making it suitable for lay audiences to understand and engage with your work.

What if I need to make any changes to the delivered file?

  • We will be happy to make minor adjustments to the deliverables. Two rounds of revisions would be free of charge. Additional revisions may incur a fee depending on the type and/or extent of revisions. We will always let you know before undertaking any additional work that may incur an additional charge and will only proceed upon your acceptance of the quote.
  • Our standard research communication services are templated to simplify the ordering and design process and ensure we can offer them at an accessible price. Custom requirements may incur an additional fee.
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