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Busy research teams can find it challenging balancing their work demands with finding time to write articles. If you’re also a researcher with English as a second language, preparing your paper can take even longer. We support small and medium-sized research groups with comprehensive English editing services, so that your manuscripts meet international standards of publication, and are ready for submission.

We focus on quality while you focus on your research.

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What are the benefits for Research Groups?

Why T&F Editing

Expert editing support can help increase the visibility and impact of your research, and raise your international profile

Why T&F Editing

Our focus on your manuscripts lets your researchers focus on their work and save time on peer review

Why T&F Editing

Taylor & Francis is a leading academic publisher which supports global and diverse scholarly research

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Frequently asked questions

What does my client manager do? When should I contact him or her?

Your dedicated client manager will support you in case of any queries or requests you may have regarding setting up your Research Group account, including how the account will be managed.

Once my group account is set up, can I add more people to my group?

Once your Research Group account has been successfully set up, you will receive further instructions on how to add people to your group. Once added, you can immediately start purchasing T&F Editing Services according to your research group requirements.

What are the pre-requisites for setting up a Research Group account?

The Research Group account, and the benefits and discounts associated with it, are meant for research groups of five or more people working together within an institution, university, lab, journal, publisher or other established entity. The account will be shared by group members and will be assigned a Client manager, who will assist the members regarding questions and doubts.

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